30 days of beautiful: reflections

It’s the last day of my 30 posts commitment over the summer. It’s been harder than I thought to keep myself actively blogging but I feel it’s been amazing to push myself to come up with things to talk about. Even though sometimes the posts were as boring as spinach salad, they were sometimes as important as refugees and poetry. On my last day, I want to share a list I found in my journal from February 15, 2013. 

I had written to myself about how I am able to engage life, happiness, and beauty daily. It is only fitting that on the last day of  30 days of beautiful that I share it with you. 

For days of beautiful:

Invest in children.
Take care of your health.
Support people, no matter what, especially those less fortunate and powerful than you.
Don’t say you don’t have time for someone else.
Don’t give up—
Invest yourself in your dreams.
Stay up all night only when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, sleep.
Sleep well.
Ask for help.
Don’t let a bitter heart discourage you.
Remember you are powerful.
Take time for your family, friends, and especially, your faith. (whatever that may be).
Love yourself.
A dream in your heart is always worthwhile—
pursue it, encourage it, tell your friends about it.
Let your friends encourage you—
Listen to your friends.
Accept praise, value criticism, acknowledge shortcomings…
Remember you are only as capable as you are humble.
Pride is not success.
Find the hope in confidence and the desire in humility—
love others. Praise those worthy of praise.
Say thank you.
Call your mother.
Repair relationships. Cry sometimes.
Be only mostly strong.
Rejoice in daylight and small things.
Care for someone who cannot say thank you—a cat, a heartache, a garden.
Fulfill yourself in moments and activities that are pure, like long walks, yoga, difficult runs, or a quiet place.
Treasure every experience. 
Challenge your emotions to grow, especially your capacity for kindness and love.

Do good things every day.
Don’t count beans or resent people or sweat the small stuff.
Forgive yourself.
Accept failure.
Pursue greatness.
Strive always to be better.
Be gentle with yourself.
Allow yourself bad days and tears and anger.
Pursue gratitude.
Give thanks. Again.
Cherish life.
Sing. Praise.
Don’t underestimate the power of karma, heart, soul, and good deeds.
Love, accept, and respect others.
Listen to music.
Value art.
Celebrate people.
Love you

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