30 days of beautiful: 4 minute meal


Given that it’s Saturday and I’ve been in class for 16 hours in the past two days, a four-minute recipe sounds like the perfect quick way to go for a blog post tonight. This is part 2 of the YUM posts— about quick and nutritious meals with either 5 or less ingredients or under 15 minutes prep for the lazy (but creative) grad student.


-Roasted eggplant + tomato from Patel’s celebrating India
-Whole wheat wrap
-Fresh kale
-Greek yogurt (or sour cream, Greek yogurt is better for you)
-Rice/quinoa + anything else you would like to throw in (clearly these are “whatever is in the cupboard/fridge concoctions) 

  1. 2 Minutes: microwave dish (I do not like microwave meals…. not good… not healthy… too much sodium… many other complaints! however, this is one dish that is actually relatively healthy)
  2. layer on top of your wrap: cooked rice or quinoa with fresh kale leaves and Greek yogurt
  3. pour on hot roasted eggplant (at least half the pouch and store the leftovers for another meal or as a side for your wrap)
  4. Wrap it up!


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