30 days of beautiful: babies

From baby animals on buzzfeed to dailypuppy.com, baby animals (including humans) are an amazing way to brighten a day. What is it about small humans, small dogs, small catssmall sloths (yes!) that bring such joy and make them so popular on the Internet? Whatever the reason, preliminary studies are out there that say looking at babies and baby animals improves work performance and concentration. So, midday slump at work? Take a quick break to look at some baby creatures then get back to it. Babies: Making the world a better place, one tiny step at a time.


our dog dolce as a baby!

colton and oliver

my curly-haired, snuggle-able nephews on the beach


Oh MY Goodness. My niece in a snowsuit.


No, but really… look at this snowsuit

(For more niece pictures, check out my sister’s awesome blog 1000 Thrifty Things where she’s quite the star).

Feel better yet? I hope so.

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