skinheads in speedos

Samantha and I are in a beach bar in Santorini with little laptops they gave us for ordering cocktails before 5pm — welcome to Greece! Just kidding, the laptops are free for us to use but it’s the first time in a long time I’ve had unlimited internet access and what else would I do but blog for the fam and friends.

We left Athens early morning Thursday with the deep blue of the ocean all around and morning sun behind us, mountains  far away, the rumble of the boat. We got to Santorini that afternoon with the high cliffs and found our driver from the hostel. Up, up, up we drove along the edge of everything and the port below, boats leaving, coming, and the blue water. Let me tell you about the water. It’s a color I’ve never seen occur naturally in the world before. Samantha says it makes you realize why the Greek flag is the color it is–that deep blue. After settling into our adorable room  with it’s white balcony and blue doors, we ate a great Greek dinner and sat on the beach until long after the sunset. Perissa beach is black stone and sand… and as we sat there, it was still warm from the day. We buried our feet in the sand, talked until we were shivering and got baklava at a beach cafe late night.

We decided to sleep that night without alarms. Since we’ve been in Europe, we’ve been trying to experience everything –all day and all night. Meet people, explore until our legs are sore, laugh all over the place and constantly find new places. That first night in Santorini, we changed the plan. Slept until we woke up on our own, then we  invested in SPF for our already-tan skin and rented an ATV. We took off on our little blue ATV and drove all around the island. The roads are small and the edges drop off into dirt and vineyards, sometimes even cliffs and the ocean below. We  found our way to the red beach where we picnicked, slept in the sun, played in the sand, swam in the amazing water, then drove all the way to Oia for a sunset and dinner.

Let me tell you, our cute ATV is amazing. We had a great time parking it in real parking spots (we even paid 2euro to get it a car spot) and we decided to call it Eeyore. It doesn’t like going up hills and it’s kinda dumb sometimes. But we can get a good 50km on a flat back road. Once, we got in a traffic jam with a bunch of donkeys. After the sunset, we drove it back in the dark on the winding cliff roads. A long drive where we tied our towels around our bare shoulders for warmth and tried not to miss the curves with our little headlights.

Today, we decided just to drive. We took our cute little Eeyore and drove toward Thira. Along the way, we found ourselves in tiny Greek towns and then started following signs for “horse riding.” It led us far out in back country with no roads really, just dirt and gravel and weeds. Eeyore took the broken paths like a champ. We pulled into a farm eventually, took off our helmets and were greeted by kittens and a cute puppy. We asked the lady there if we could get a horseback ride on the beach. Finding out both Samantha and I are longtime horseback riders, she said we can get two big horses with a guide and go down on the beach for a long ride tomorrow! 10:30am we have a morning appointment to ride along the beaches of Greece. This is like my longtime dream come true. After making our appt, it was freezing and starting to get cloudy so we drove back to Perissa and hung around on the beach some more. There were two classy skinhead guys wearing speedos sunbathing beside us, hence the title of this blog. Epic.

Tomorrow we go to Crete in the evening. Altogether, Santorini has been a blissful vacation and an amazing time. Here’s to more adventures to come! Yiamas! γεια μας!

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