a taste of our trip in just a few pics

these are a few photos from our first week in italy, the 2nd week is still on my camera but I can’t get any of them on facebook… so here are just a few for now!

Germany, in a cafe in Dusseldorf, journaling in the sun:

Our foray into viterbo and getting lost on the way to Tuscania:

Where we had a 3-hour lunch in the shade of a beautiful outdoor cafe (our favorite place):

Then a visit to the beautiful Bracciano:

Where we got gelato:

The weekend we went to Anguillara where we walked on the beach of Lake Bracciano:

And after a picnic of  Porchetta, we climbed to the top of the town of Anguillara where I climbed a wall to get a picture of the lifting mist and sun and Italian countryside:

Then the next day, Sam and I went to Amalfi coast:

And ended up in Positano where we watched the moonrise:

And met some amazing people from all around the world:

Then Samantha and I lay on the beach:

Back to Roma, we danced in the Vatican at St. Peter’s square:

After a picnic in the park:

with Davide our good sicilian friend:

who showed us the best place to eat sicilian cannoli:

We also watched the sunset from pincio over roma, sketched in alleys and walked in the rain:

much more has happened since then but this is our first week, in a few hours we’ll be in greece, look out for more photos and posts!

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