so close to freedom

I finished my last exam of undergrad and now ready to study for GRE and finish planning my trip to Italy and Greece (departure May 10!) and even maybe emerge from the hole I’ve dug in my room where I’ve been studying for 72 hours. Social life? Oh, yeah, I want mine back!

Before I run away with all my exciting plans, this blog is supposed to be about reveling in every day in Chapel Hill that I have left! Well some days are just average. I had my last Davis library experience this morning (crowded) and decided to study outside because the weather was just so beautiful  (it was the perfect Chapel Hill Spring day). Then, exam-time and now room cleaning! That’s it!

OK! ITALY! Omg. My trip begins in just over a week. Samantha and I bought tickets over Spring Break just for an escape and to go enjoy Europe for a little while. The trip is a huge splurge (goodbye to every paycheck I’ve ever received) and I might be begging in the metro to make ends meet but I’m so excited nonetheless. Here’s the essence of our itinerary so you can be jealous (or plan your own magical getaway):

First, ROME. I haven’t been there since 2009 but I linked up with my old friend Roberto there and also my old boss from the Carolina Inn is Italian and has family there. He connected me with his niece too and I’m already finding friends and am so excited to meet people and just spend more time in the city.

Second, Tuscania! My friend from the Carolina Inn, Cameron, is studying abroad there and the town is just an hour train ride from Rome so I want to do a day trip to see her and the beautiful little town.

Third, Positano. My older sister loves this place. I’m pretty sure she honeymooned there. It’s on the Amalfi Coast and I’ve always wanted to see it so we’re taking the train to Salerno and then the bus to Positano for a couple days!

Then, after 2 weeks in Italy, we’ll be departing Rome to Athens, Greece!

After Athens, we’re going to Santorini:

Then, Crete:

Finally, we’ll make it to the Peloponnese to see Nafplio:

and Gythion (where we have made a great connection with a woman who used to live in Fayetteville and knows my friend Rocio — she and Rocio met in Greece almost a year ago and she’s so excited to welcome us to the town!):

After all that and one month behind us, Sam and I will be tan, broke, and returning to the USA.

I CAN’T WAIT. That is all.

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