Choices and beauty!

I had my interview with EUSA this morning :)

It was 8:30 in the morning on Friday, June 26, 2009, and I was so nervous! (nerveuse, if you will ;D) I even choked up and couldn’t remember how to say basic things like “benefit others” (sont avantageux pour..) and ended up saying “bénissent des autres,” which means “blesses others” … in a religious sense. Which I guess isn’t entirely awful, if I consider myself God. But basically I talked a lot about my work with psychology at the Center and how I like working with non-profits and smaller organizations and advocacy issues, how I really want to help others, learn French, and get a better understanding of what it means to work not only in France but with issues that I care about.

By the end of the interview, we had narrowed my choices down to three things. They will either place me in a center that works with disabled children with personality abnormalities and disabilities (doing arts, skills-building, and other developmental stuff), in a center that works with battered women, or in a very arduous, emotionally-tough organization that works with refugees and immigrants from violent areas to talk with them and help them deal with the trauma. She warned me that last one is very hard on people, and she kept asking me if I thought I was strong enough to deal with it. I assured her that it’s a cause I would love to work with, and I feel like it’s incredibly important to be able to put faces on such issues (war, violence) and working with the refugees would be fascinating.

I will know by the beginning of September at the latest which internship I have been chosen for, and I am incredibly excited and blessed to have been offered such incredible opportunities. Whichever I get picked for, I really feel like it’ll be where I am meant to work and where I can use my gifts best. I love everything about all of them and am so thrilled that the interview went well. I could hear France on the woman’s voice (she was calling from Paris); I could almost taste the city in the background.. It was so beautiful. I cannot wait to be there!!

Much love, Caro

One thought on “Choices and beauty!

  1. At first i thought it was the usual musings about Paris, Hemingway, and a girl falling in love with Paris.

    Strangely enough, I found myself reading through every single blog entry. You have a well paced and very clear voice. It makes me think of crystalline water.

    Keep at it, I enjoyed it a lot.

    I specially liked your descriptions about Buenos Aires and Jamaica and the images you were able to create in my mind. ;) Bisous et A+

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